Eastern Medicine vs Western Medicine


One Families Experience


We were introduced to Dr. Hai-Sha Ni, a master, who had a practice in Merritt Island prior to retiring to China.


My wife, who had smoked for more than 30 years, stopped smoking, and with only three treatments of acupuncture and herbs, she stopped without any of the usual problems – craving, irritability, etc. In less than 6 months, her blood oxygenation level was 100% and all coughing was gone.


My daughter was diagnosed with PCOS and was treated with herbs and acupuncture. She is now 100 pounds lighter and very healthy. She had a severe gallbladder attack several years ago. If she had been treated with Western Medicine, they would have removed her gallbladder. She was successfully treated with Eastern Medicine, herbs and acupuncture only and has had no further problems with her gallbladder and that was over 10 years ago.  


I am a type 2 diabetic and was being treated by an endocrinologist. I was on 10 to 15 medications at all times. If you watch TV, you know that many of today’s drugs cause almost as many problems as they help. I wanted real solutions not something that masked my symptoms.  I am 70 years old, and at the time I started practicing Eastern Medicine, I weighted 430 pounds. I was facing all the complications of diabetes – heart disease, kidney problems, trouble with sight and problems with all of my major organs. We started with detoxification and proceeded to weight loss. I was consuming too many calories and eating all the wrong types of food. My pancreas had almost stopped producing insulin. Again with herbs and acupuncture, I am now eating much better and am producing insulin. This has been confirmed with blood work. My blood sugar levels are now within acceptable ranges. Yes, I have to eat properly, but I am on no medication for my diabetes. I have gone from 430 pounds to 215 pounds. My waist size has gone from 56” to 36”. When I started losing weight, I was concerned about where it would stop. I was told that when I reached my natural weight, I would stop. I was 215 pounds in college and when I got married in 1969 and that is where it stopped.  I also had severe pain in my heals and Western Medicine said that I need surgery to remove bone spurs. According to Eastern Medicine, what I really had were kidney stones, which Eastern Medicine dissolved with herbs and acupuncture and the heel pain disappeared. From years of being overweight, I had destroyed the cartilage in my knees, I could not sit, stand or walk for long periods of time – airline flights were a real problem. With acupuncture, the cartilage in my knees was rebuilt, and now I have no pain in my knees. Due to insurance regulations, if I want Medicare insurance, I have to see a western doctor every 6 months. I tell the doctor that I don’t take medicine and that I see an Eastern doctor. They don’t like it; but after seeing my lab work, they have to admit that my health is under control. Many people let the doctors pressure them into taking medicines and have test that Eastern Medicine does not deem necessary.


We were all seeing Dr. Hai-Sha Ni; when he retired, we were lost as to what to do. We had made a trip to Merritt Island to his office about twice a month for several years. Dr. Feifei was recommended to us by Dr. Ni’s office. Dr. Ni is a master, and Dr. Feifei had been one of his students.  Dr. Feifei has had training with a number of Eastern doctors as well as going to China to study.


I have recommended Dr. Feifei to all of my family, friends and clients. She has helped them through many conditions that Western Medicine has recommended major surgery to solve. Each has found that Eastern Medicine can help without removing organs or parts.


One of my clients has an uncle that had developed gangrene in his toes so severe that the doctors were ready to amputate. Dr. Feifei saved his foot and now the entire family sees her. God did not give us any unnecessary parts, so we need to solve the problems rather than have them removed.


Thus far there is no problem that I have put before Dr. Feifei that she has not been able to help me. Also, when is the last time you had a doctor really listen to you and teach you things about your body and how it functions? I assure you that Dr Feifei will listen to you, and she will take you seriously and prioritize you needs and deal with them accordingly. I not only want to live longer; I want those years to be healthy and active. She is helping me accomplish that. God blessed me with discovering Eastern Medicine and Dr. Feifei.


Don E

Orlando, FL


First time went to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine???? hummm   Being born in the US and only going to Western medicine physicians, my entire life, I was a little (okay maybe a lot ) skeptical when someone recommended I go to see a Chinese lady that was going to give me some herbal tea and make me all better.  For 3 weeks I was experiencing severe pain, on and off, in my lower back, side, and abdomen. After seeing my primary care physician a couple of times, going to the ER for a sonogram, and then finally being sent for an MRI the same day I met Feifei, I was still undiagnosed.  One thing I did know though was that I was desperate and tired of being in so much pain.  I thought okay, what do I have to lose, I think I will call them and see what they say.   I called the number a friend gave me and this friendly voice (Carla) answered the telephone. I told her what was going on with me and how I was very unsure of all of this. She was very professionally and repeated everything back to me just as I had told her. She answered my questions and said she would even have Feifei call me back herself in a few minutes to explain things more in-depth. I was first impressed that she listened to me so well. Second, that she was going to put the doctor herself on the phone to talk to me and lastly that they would work me in that same day and on a Friday afternoon.  After the call back from Feifie, I decided to go. As I was still a little uneasy of all of this, I actually asked my fiancé to go to the appointment with me to make sure I was doing the right thing. We went in that Friday afternoon at 3 pm and I filled out some paperwork just as I would at a normal doctors office. During the appt, Feifei asked me many questions and then used a funny little machine pushing on my ear, which kinda hurt and made quite a bit of noise. I told her we had been suspicious that I was dealing with kidney stones but there had been no confirmation of that as of yet from my doctor. She agreed with their thinking and told me, in fact, she thought I did have kidney stones. She said I would have to cook and drink an herbal tea remedy to cure the problem.  She said I would not like the taste but I would thank her later! I was still a little leery but I thought what do I have to lose as long as this stuff doesn’t kill me! Lol  My fiancé felt it was worth trying and he agreed that I should do it. I went home that evening and cooked my first batch of tea. I started drinking it that evening along with hoping and praying that this was going to help me. I woke the next morning and heated up another glass of it and drank it. I had to drink 3 glasses a day for approximately 10 days, I believe.  By the way, did I mention I was leaving for a weeks vacation to the mountains, two days after seeing Feifei, so I really had wanted to feel better for several reasons. I woke up Sunday and we headed out to the mountains. On the way, as we were driving, I told my fiancé I think I am feeling a lot better.  We stopped for lunch and I had to make sure I heated and drank my tea that I had put in a mason jar for the trip. I actually went into the restroom and ran my jar under some hot water and came back out and drank it. Okay, yes, I really wanted to feel better!  Lol.  Once we got to the mountains, after over a 9 hour car ride, I still felt better with almost no pain. Within 36 hours of drinking Feifei’s tea I was pain free! I absolutely could not believe it. I continued to make the tea at the cabin while on vacation. It was not the most convenient thing to do starting on vacation but I did it and was it ever worth it! From that day forward I was pain free. I was so amazed.  Tuesday I called my primary physician to get the results of my STAT MRI, and it was positive for kidney stones. I never had to go thru surgery or anything though, as I told my doctors office I was drinking some herbal tea and that it was helping me and I was feeling so much better. I was not only able to start feeling normal again but I also enjoyed my vacation.  When I got home I went back to Feifei and told her what had happened and said I am a believer!  She since has helped me tremendously with my back and neck pain, where I have been told I need to have surgery on both. I have been going thru acupuncture treatments with her and she has relieved so much of my pain, it truly is a miracle. She has been working with me on other health issues I have as well and I have just had a total overall wonderful experience and great relief with her herbs and treatments!  I hope you have made it to this point in my review as I know I am long winded but I wanted to take you thru my experience so that you could understand better if this is all new to you, as it was to me.  Feifei, on top off all of her knowledge and experience, is one of, if not, the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met in the medical field.  I can tell you she truly cares about her patients very much. She is a gem and one in a million and if you will give her the opportunity to treat you, you will surly receive many blessings in your life!  One thing I do need to say and this is one of the only downfalls is that my insurance is not accepted as of yet, so you may need to pay out of pocket for your treatment. It can get a bit expensive honestly, so you will need to make a decision of how you will spend your money.  I felt it was time to invest in me and my health so that is why I am choosing to continue to see Feifei and I am so happy I have. I am feeling like a much healthier and happier person. I thank God for blessing me and bringing Feifei and Carla into my life. Since October I have referred many people to the office and approximately 5 people have become new and happy customers as well. You are worth it too, so give Feifei a try. It may just change your life as it did for me.  

Candi R


Infection in pancreas, gall bladder and kidneys.

I was in the hospital for one week with an infection in pancreas, gall bladder and kidneys. They gave me antibiotics while in the hospital and then sent me home with more antibiotics and potassium pills. I was supposed to go back and have my gall bladder removed, but I opted to go Fei Fei instead. She helped me so I never needed to remove the gall bladder. Its been 5 years and I have had no more problems. Thank you Fei Fei.        
Shirley L.
Eustis, FL


Chronic Asthma and Diabetes

My new Years resolution for 2009 was to get healthy. For the past 20 years, give or take a few years, I have had allergies that can cause bronchitis that can trigger an asthma attach,  During those years I had two attacks which were 2 to many for me , I was taking inhalers twice a day plus medication. A friend of mine introduced me to Feifei Liu. I made my first appointment 2009. Feifei started me with acupuncture once a week and raw herbs that I mixed with water and boiled down to a drink that I took twice a day every day for 4 .5 months. I can say that now I do not use my inhalers or take pills. My breathing is so much better. I don’t have to rest every time I run around with my grandchildren and I have a lot more energy. Also, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and Feifei treated me for that as well. My blood tests have been coming back normal and again I do not take any medications.


Cindy B

Deltona, FL


Chronic illness

“10 years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic illness.  I’ve been troubled by neck and back pain, fatigue, and have difficulty dealing with stress.  I have had acupuncture in the past and it has been crucial for the long-term relief of my condition.  Searching again for alternatives to Western medication, by chance, I met Fei Fei.   Fei Fei is very professional, yet friendly and comforting.  Her consultations and treatments are extremely thorough.  She focuses on educating her patients so they understand her practice and their part in their own treatment.  After 8 treatments, a combination of acupuncture, cupping, and auricular medicine, my condition has improved 80%!  I am off my pain medication and slowly decreasing dosages to other medications.  I am on my way to a natural and healthy lifestyle.”


Andrea R

Orlando, FL


Chronic Acid Reflux

I had been on acid reflux medication for over two years. I know the medication was not good for me but I couldn't do without it (I would get indigestion just drinking water).

Feifei started me on a program to detoxify my system and gave me a diet to adhere to. Within three months I was off my medication TOTALLY and have not had any problems since.

Thank you Feifei for all your help and support, you are the best....


Robert S

Debary, FL


Chronic Cough

From skeptic to believer!  Feifei Liu and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM ) was my last effort after being treated for a persistent cough for 6+ years. It should have been my first!  Having been diagnosed with allergies, Reactive Airway Disease and Asthma,  traditional western medicine had me taking two different allergy medications, as well as on and off steroids for years. But I was still plagued by a persistent cough that would interfere with activities and keep me (and my husband) up throughout most nights. Narcotic cough medicine could not even quell the cough.  After 2 days of TCM treatment , both my husband and I were sleeping soundly and amazingly, I have no cough during the day either.  I have been around smoke, stong perfumes, and other triggers without reaction.  Feifei Liu and TCM have actually given me back the ability to lead a normal life.  I can't say thank you enough!
MaryAnn S.

Maitland, FL

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